Woonsocket Sportsman's Club

Harrisville, RI

News  3/5/2018


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  • EMERGENGY GUN BILL RALLY THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS. EMERGENCY GUN BILL RALLY. RI STATE HOUSE, TOMORROW, TUESDAY, MARCH 6TH FROM NOON TO 8 PM. All members who can lose a half day of work, should participate in this rally. If you don't want to LOSE your guns or your rights to ownership to guns, please make all possible efforts to attend this very important rally. If you have any questions or need transportation, please contact me at 401-265-9812. Your President, Marc Marchand
  • Also, in addition to coming to this event, EVERYONE needs to contact their Representive and Senator of their district and let them know how important our GUN rights are. Handwritten letters are the best form of contact and ask for a response to this issue. Make them accountable for their actions. You call them, email them as well, but the letter the letter counts. THIS will be the most important letter you wrote in your life. Thank you.
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